Our customers say "Meow!"

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Cat Sitting or Grooming Openings

Is Lori Available? Click here to find out.

On the calendar that appears in a new browser window (click on the link above), blank days indicate that at least one cat sitting slot is available.

Booked means that Lori has 8 to 12 hours of cat sitting and grooming work lined up, and cannot take on any more appointments that day. Email and phone calls will probably be returned at night or on a later date.

Closed means that Lori is taking the day off from work. Email will probably not be answered on those days. Phone calls will not be returned unless you are an existing customer and you tell the answering service that you have an Urgent message. "Urgent" means things like 'you went to the emergency room and were unexpectedly admitted, so who is going to feed the cats? ' The service will try to call me and will text me your message.

I try to keep this calendar updated every day, but please realize that it might not be up-to-the-hour up to date.

Thank you!