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Grooming is done by Lori Doyle, only. Lori has completed a two-week cat grooming training at the National Cat Groomers Institute of America in South Carolina. Prices listed below include labor and supplies, but not travel* and not sales tax. Travel and tax will be added to your invoice - We can give you a price beforehand. All cat grooming services are done in your home.

You can mix and match the services below. I do not insist on full grooms for every visit -- but I will recommend a bath if I think your cat could really benefit from one. It does happen that I might need to decline grooming your cat. Normal hissing and growling, even fake (warning) bites, are fine. Some cats just like to scream when they are annoyed -- that's expected and more decibels will not make me go away, so don't worry about that. However, panting is a danger sign for the cat's health, and I may stop the groom. If you cat bites me hard and I am bleeding, I will probably stop the groom. If your cat is basically unmanageable -- I do not want the cat to get hurt and I do not want to get hurt -- I will stop the groom.

*Your price for travel will vary depending on your distance from Lori's home base, which is in Wynantskill, NY, OR a previous appointment, whichever is closer to you. The fee is based on the current IRS business travel reimbursement rate per mile round trip. Travel rates start at $5.00 and go up. (For example, Albany addresses can range from $10-$17 for the travel fee from Wynantskill, NY,  but keep reading to find out how to save money on grooming.)


Base Grooming Cost

This covers me coming to your house, assessing your cat,
setting up equipment, cleaning up, and breaking down equipment.



Full Grooms**
(bath & blow dry + more)

Type of cat

Price per cat

Shorthair (must be under 12 pounds) $45
Longhair & cats over 12 pounds $55


Cat Shaving


Price per cat

comb cut
(this is like a hair cut)
sanitary clip (rear end) $25
half belly shave $20
belly shave $30
whole body shave (lion cut) $65


Extra Charges


Price per cat

Chasing your cat, to get started with service

$1 per minute
Fecal cleanup from cat's fur/my clippers $10 and up
Pelt removal from cat $20 extra and up

** What does a full groom include?

For all cats, short hair or long hair, a full groom includes

  • trimming of front and back claws
  • a bath with water
  • wash with a high-end degreasing shampoo
  • a rinse and a wash with a hypo-allergenic shampoo, then a thorough rinse
  • immediate towel wrap
  • ears cleaned with cotton balls & alcohol
  • area around eyes cleaned with cotton balls & saline solution
  • chin cleaning if needed (feline acne)
  • blow dry with a high velocity hand-held dryer (no heat used)
  • minor de-tangling
  • full comb-out (head, back, sides, belly, legs, feet)
  • any shaving (add-on) is done before the bath, then touched up after drying

How to Save Money on Grooming

1. If you will be home when I come over to groom your cat, and you know your cat is going to hide or run away, save time (money) by having your cat in a carrier before I get there. Avoid the $1 per minute cat-chasing fee ... I will bring a stopwatch!

2. If you will not be home when I come over to groom your cat, and you know your cat is going to hide or run away, save time (money) by placing the cat in one room with the door closed, and no super tricky hiding spots (like a king size bed with space for the cat to get under it). Avoid the $1 per minute cat-chasing fee!

3. Have a flexible schedule -- I will do my best to combine your cat's groom with other trips I have near your home. This can save you a significant amount of money on the travel fee. Albany city customers, I am in Albany every Thursday morning to volunteer at Whiskers. This means on Thursday mornings and early afternoons the travel fee to your Albany city home is only $5.

4. Have your cat groomed on a regular basis! The longer you let your cat's coat go, the worse condition it's in and the more work it needs, adding up the cost to you (and aggravation to the cat). Instead of spending $56.00 on a full groom, you might end up spending $100+ on a full groom PLUS a lion cut AND a fecal removal and pelt removal fee. Keep up with your cat's grooming and you will save money and it can help your cat's health and well-being.