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Cats groom themsleves, right? No, cats lick themselves. They typically don't jump into a shower, soap up, rinse off, blow dry and comb out their fur. They certainly don't trim their claws -- they sharpen them! Older cats have a really hard time even licking themselves anymore. Sometimes they just smell bad.

Cats are greasy animals. Take a look at the Before and After photos below of a cat I groomed while training at the National Cat Groomers Institute of America. If you can pick up some of your cat's fur and the fur stands up on its own, your cat is greasy, like the cat below. If your cat has dandruff, it really needs a bath. Once you've had your cat groomed, you will feel like you have a new cat! Your cat will feel great. You will be amazed at how soft your cat is and how good it smells.

Let me be the "bad" guy and clean up your cat!

Before groom. 


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