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I've been very slow to add a testimonial section to my web site, because I am very wary about saying "hey, look how great I am!" People definitely have told me good things about our work, but of course sometimes there are misunderstandings or problems. Stuff happens. This unique service does require us to work together (you, me, my employees) for the best result. Any time there is something that bothers you, please tell me. I can't work to fix it if you don't tell me! That said, I do put 100% of myself into this business, and I am pleased to share the following. -- Lori

Customer Comments

"Lori has taken care of our three cats twice so far.  She’s awesome!  She feeds, pets, cleans up, takes in the mail and medicates when necessary.  Last winter, January 2011, we had an emergency trip to Ohio, and on two consecutive days we were gone there were extremely heavy snowstorms, but she made it to our house to keep her appointments with our boys.  Take my word for it, if we are happy with the care she delivers, you should be, too!  We’ll always recommend TwentyToes to anybody who asks."
-- Maggie Zandt, Rensselaer

"Lori Doyle is a cat-sitter whom I highly recommend. She obviously loves cats but she is also deeply knowledgeable about them -- their health and nutrition, their grooming needs and their individual personalities. When she came in for the initial interview and plunged right into playing with Gimpy, a shy 12-year-old Norwegian Forest cat with three legs, I knew I'd found the right pet sitter. Her compassion and skill were a godsend when a fire struck my apartment building while I was out of town. Gimpy was not harmed, but fire fighters had locked him in the bathroom. I could not return to Albany fast enough to help him that day, but Lori came to the rescue. She obtained access to the building, went into my apartment and transported Gimpy and his supplies to her own house. When I returned to Albany, I was temporarily homeless and distraught at the prospect of having to indefinitely board Gimpy in a kennel. Lori again saved the day, offering a room in her house for Gimpy to live for as long as needed, at a very reasonable price. Lori could not have been a bigger help. And Gimpy? He was so happy during his five weeks at Lori's that I almost felt bad taking him back when my living situation sorted itself out. Hopefully, you'll never experience anything like that. But with Lori Doyle as your catsitter, you can expect her to handle extraordinary situations as well as the routine."
-- Michael Amon, Albany

"I can’t say enough about the wonderful experience it was in dealing with 20 Toes Cat Sitting, specifically with Megan as our cat sitter. Kind, enthusiastic, with a sharp attention to detail and a caring, compassionate demeanor….all the qualities you’d want when it comes to opening your home to someone who will be caring for your very special and beloved pets.  Megan worked diligently to be sure our cats were comfortable and well cared for. She treated them as her own and, from what I understand, they loved the attention that was given to them.  We were especially pleased with how Megan took to Wizard, our diabetic cat who requires insulin injections twice a day. Megan has experience in dealing with cats who have special needs; we felt Wizard was in great hands while in Megan's care. It's wonderful to know we have someone like Megan and 20 Toes Cat Sitting to turn to whenever we need a pet sitter.

The best!"

-- Joe and Sara Walsh, Wynantskill