Our customers say "Meow!"

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As you can see by my price list, I'm not advertising on Craig's List that I will "babysit" your cat for $5 a visit. This is what you are buying:

  • An experienced full-time professional concerned 100% with your cats, your home, and your needs. (That is me, Lori!)
  • Special needs care for your cats, if needed. If your veterinarian has you giving your cat certain medical care at home, even subcutaneous fluids, my employees and I can help.
  • A busines owner who takes action in the case of a cat medical emergency.
  • Updates while you're away, by phone, e-mail, or text messaging.
  • Constant rates -- no holiday surcharges. We take care of your cats when you go away. It doesn't matter what day it is!
  • Legal, adult employees who love cats.
  • Professional motor vehicle and criminal background checks on all employees.
  • A decent wage for those employees.
  • Full mileage reimbursement for all employees for every cat sit trip.
  • Red Cross Pet First Aid training for all employees.
  • Petsitting insurance for me and all my employees.
  • Bonding for me and all my employees.
  • 100% coverage all the time. We don't bail out or cancel, and if one employee has an emergency and cannot make an assignment, another person will cover. It's not your problem.
  • Emergency availability when you have an unforseen event in your life and you must travel immediately.
  • All taxes, social security, federal and state unemployment insurance, workers compensation insurance, disability insurance, and so on, as required by law.
  • Professional petsitting software that benefits you directly with excellent organization, emailed confirmation notices, and allows us to schedule online and do other business tasks online in a secure environment. You can also set up your own reservation requests online, at any time.
  • My experience as a cat owner of over 20 years, as well as my experience with treating two of my own kidney-failure cats, one diabetic cat, and one cat with both kidney failure and diabetes at the same time. I also have four cats with neurological problems, and am familiar with assisting cats with food and litter box issues.
  • And all the other things it takes to run a business, such as a payroll service, human resources consulting, and more. If you have 3 hours, I'll tell you all about it.
  • Your fee covers all of the above and provides me with a living. I am completely dedicated to this business, I work at it full time, and hope to be in this business for a very long time! Fees vary primarily due to distance that must be traveled to get to and from your home. Generally, the more of an outlying area you live in, the higher the rate, due to travel costs.

I hope this helps you understand this unique business. Feel free to ask me any further questions!