Our customers say "Meow!"

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Dear Inquirer:

As of September 2016 I have not been able to take on any new clients for cat sitting or cat grooming, and I posted a statement on my home page stating this at that time. People keep calling and emailing anyway. Unfortunately (fortunately?), I have so much hands-on work that I don't really do a great job all the time at getting back to my existing customers in a timely fashion, so it's really hard for me to justify calling back people I don't know just to spend time telling them that I cannot help them. Because of this, I have removed my phone number from my web site.

If you are looking for a cat sitter, I suggest starting with localpetsitters.com and ask your veterinarian for references.

I would say 90% of the cat grooming emails and phone calls I get are people in desperation because they have a cat with a very badly matted coat. Experience tells me that this is a serious, time-consuming project, especially if we are talking about an elderly cat. Old cats tend to have very delicate skin that is quite fragile. My suggestion, call your veterinarian and take your cat in for a sedated whole body shave. That will be the easiest, least stressful solution for your cat. Then find a groomer and start up with maintenance within the next 3 months. Don't wait again.

You are welcome to email me, but again, I cannot read my email every day. I will respond to my existing clients first. So, it could take me 2-4 weeks to get back to you. I know it sounds crazy, but I generally work 7 days a week (I am trying harder to take time off, but work still creeps into those days ... I am trying to catch up with email and update my web site right now, on a "day off"), and those days tend to be 12-14 hours on the road, cat sitting and cat grooming. It is focused, hands-on work, so I am not looking at my phone or email.

When will I ever take on new clients? I don't know if I will. Even after one year of not taking on new clients I am still turning clients away most days because my schedule fills up so quickly. I'm pretty much booked up 4-6 months in advance. Maybe if one year I find myself with a few days where I have no work I might think about it ... then again, since I'm already over age 50, I might be 65 by then and ready to pack it in.

I hope you understand; I am sorry I cannot help everyone. There are more cat sitters and pet groomers out there!

Thank you!